Our range of legal services include:

General Civil Litigation

General litigation in Magistrate, Regional and High Court.

Commercial Law

We handle liquidations, sequestrations and rehabilitations.

Company Law

We can advise you on the structuring of your company, we can draft your memorandum of incorporation (MOI) and shareholders’ agreements, agreements for the appointment of directors, sale of shares agreements etc.

Criminal Law

Defending any criminal matters.


Kellerman Hendrikse serves on the conveyancing panels of two of the four major financial institutions. As bond attorneys, we can assist you with the registration of private mortgage bonds, first or further mortgage loans of FNB and ABSA. As transferring attorneys, we can assist with fascilitating residential, commercial or agricultural registrations. If you want us to make sure that everything goes smooth with the whole process, we can draft the relevant deed of sale as starting point.
We facilitate residential and commercial developments.


We handle commercial, residential and agricultural evictions.


Our notarial department can assist you in the drafting of notarial deeds / contracts (e.g. Antenuptial Contracts) and authentication of documents.

Divorce and Family Law

Instituting and defending of matrimonial litigation, pre- and post-divorce mediation, maintenance claims, claims regarding contact with minor children and other family and child laws.

Delictual and Personal Injury Claims

We handle public liability claims (e.g. ‘slip and trip’, motor vehicle accidents, dog attack), professional negligence claims, defamation etc.

Insurance Law

We handle claims repudiated by insurance companies.

Deceased Estates

We are available to assist you in every step of the process from advising you on the estate planning and preparing your will to finalising a deceased estate or challenging a will. You can nominate us as the executor in your will to administer your estate effectively and fast. Because we are smaller we can give your estate personal attention and your heirs will not have to deal with an impersonal administrative blockade when you have passed away. As an executor, you can also appoint us to assist you in administering the estate.

What our clients are saying about us.

  • I would like to extend my gratitude to Theo and all the staff at Kellerman Hendrikse Attorneys for their hard work and professional service. We are proud to be associated with your firm and would like to wish you all the best with your future endeavours. Keep up the great work. 


Our approach to client services involves:

  • Pre-empting litigation, e.g. by drafting contracts in a manner that clearly sets out and secures our clients’ rights.
  • Applying our minds to every client’s unique legal problem and arriving at the appropriate solution.
  • Explaining to our client the legalities of his or her problem and its various solutions in a clear and understandable manner.
  • Specifically ensuring that the client understands the cost implications of the work required.
  • Clearly explaining our fee structure and, where possible, indicating the potential extent of the final account.
  • Ensuring that the client is familiar with the potential risks involved in litigation and not creating false or unrealistic expectations.
  • Regularly communicating with the client on the progress of a matter.
  • Applying the traditional ethical values of our profession in a creative manner in a rapidly changing environment.

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